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The process of delivering guidance and recommendations to clients goes some way beyond contact with individual consultants. The financial spectrum is wide and varied and not only requires high levels of specialist knowledge, but the ability to respond to ever-increasing rates of change. In today’s market, it is beyond the capacity of a single individual to deliver the requisite service standards without structured and robust support. 

Pantheon Financial Management draws upon the strength of its parent, Pantheon Financial Ltd; which provides a network of resources, incorporating Senior Management, Finance, Compliance, Research, Technical Support and Client Services. These centralised, specialist teams provide the back-bone to the Pantheon Financial Management service propositions; and each makes an important, daily contribution.

Planning Analysts

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In conjunction with the Research team, Pantheon Financial's Planning Analysts provide direct, invaluable support to consultants. Having taken a detailed brief of requirements from the Pantheon Financial consultant, the team sets about researching available options in detail. Then follows preparation of draft recommendations for the consultants to consider, adapt and amend based upon his or her greater knowledge of the client's particular circumstances.

This delivers significant value to the process as a whole. First, it allows the consultants to concentrate on specific circumstances as opposed to researching general principles. Second, the team comprises a range of experience and specialist knowledge; so that the matter in hand will be handled by an individual with the requisite skills. All possess formal qualifications. Finally, the Planning team operates open, regular dialogue with the Research team to ensure that any changes and developments are reflected in any proposals being drafted; offering an extra layer of protection when the Pantheon Financial consultant makes their recommendations.

Research Analysts

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Pantheon Financial’s Investment Committee alone draws upon a wealth of experience as it strives to bring the best available products and ideas to market. Its Head of Research draws upon even further resource within the Research team to find new investment ideas and equally, avoid inferior products.

In addition to searching out new products and opportunities, the Research team also provides analysis of clients’ standing arrangements; particularly where it is unclear as to the original reasoning or purpose. The researchers get to grips with the small print; checking the details and asking the difficult questions. They look beyond the promotional hype to ensure a clear understanding of both the risks and potential rewards on offer; to be as sure as they can be that there are no potential surprises in store for either the investor or the consultant.

Client Services

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Pantheon Financial is committed to providing the personal touch and its Client Services department goes beyond straightforward administration. The team brings further value to the overall client experience, allowing consultants to spend time productively in dealing with advice issues. Pantheon Financial’s commitment to quality and consistency has nurtured an established team of experienced, highly-qualified administrators that takes great pride in their work. The result is a deeper degree of involvement and an understanding of the business, its products and its people. Each member of the team is trained to meet the demands of a busy office and an intelligent client base. The difference is a friendly, knowledgeable voice at the end of the telephone. No automated queue system and no query too small.


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Systems and controls sit at the heart of any successful financial services business. In conjunction with other team members, Pantheon Financial’s Compliance department develops and maintains an array of processes and procedures to allow the business to function professionally. The range of responsibilities is vast, with Compliance itself touching almost every aspect of daily activities. Effective Compliance provides a crucial framework for consultants, setting parameters for advice, checking standards, offering guidance and ensuring that clients are treated fairly. In short, effective Compliance protects our clients and the business.


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In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, the role of a Financial Controller in a regulated business requires unprecedented focus. Prescriptive regulations demand continued attention to ensure that Pantheon Financial maintains its standing as a brand that clients can depend upon.

Pantheon Financial Ltd (no. 4300595) group of companies are financial advisers incorporating Pantheon Financial Management Ltd (no. 3293439) and Pantheon Financial Investments Ltd (no. 1457595). Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All are registered in England and Wales. Pantheon Financial Management Ltd head office - Springfield House, 76 Wellington St, Leeds LS1 2AY. Pantheon Financial Ltd has no connection with Pantheon Ventures Ltd or its affiliated companies or with any funds managed or advised by Pantheon Ventures Ltd or its affiliated companies, including Pantheon Participations PLC.